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Arlésienne à la cape N° 5

Arlésienne à la cape N° 5

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Also called ‘Arlatenco’ in the Arles region. A young woman descended from the well-to-do farming stock of Arles. In her hand she holds a bunch of flowers which she is about to give to the Infant Jesus. She is sometimes thought to represent ‘Mireille’ the writer, Frederic Mistral’s, heroine.
She wears the traditional I9th century costume of the Arles region: white embroidered shawl, full skirt. One can also recognise her because of her special hairstyle — the hair is parted in the middle, forming a headband. Then, the hair is brushed back into a ‘chignon’, or bun, and covered with white muslin tied round with an embroidered ribbon held in place by gold pins. It is this detail which gives the costume its richness.
Arles is an ancient town of art and culture; an important centre of Provençal traditions.

(exists with blue dress, dress violet, red dress or yellow dress)

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Arlésienne à la cape