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L’ancienne n’est donc plus valide à ce jour pour des problèmes techniques. Abonnez-vous à cette page si vous le désirez afin de suivre notre fabrication et notre belle tradition populaire si chère aux marseillais.
Philippe Renoux-Carbonel
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Baker N°3

Baker N°3

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the baker

Tradesman who makes and sells bread. On his shoulders he carries a large basket filled with all kinds of bread. He is wrapped around with a big apron. Shlightly bent, he descends from the village, on his way to the stable.
Several kinds of bread are made in Provence: ‘la banette’ — a small ‘French loaf’; ‘la fougasse’ — a round loaf crisscrossed on the crust; the ‘pain fendu’ — an oval loaf divided down the middle; the ‘pain calendal’ — the ‘Calendal’ or round country loaf. This is marked with a cross and is baked only at Christmas time.