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Cat N°3

Cat N°3

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The familiar animals of the crib. Apart from the ox and the ass, a variety of other animais bring the provençal crib to life.
Symbol of innocence, they have been led to new pastures by the shepherds. The lamb is often brought as a gift to the Infant Jesus, without, however, any risk of being sacriflced.
In 3 colours — Brown, grey, and white. They call to mind the pagan legend of the ‘golden goat’. With a bell around their necks, they follow their mistress along the little, winding, stony paths.
They are lying down or sitting-up on their hind legs.
The Sheepdog
Faithful companion, efficient drover and guardian of the flock, he has a littile bell hanging under his neck
Ducks, Geese, Chicks, pigs, cats, hens, and Cockerels
They are part of the farmyard animals. The more there are, the livelier the faim becomes.
They should be put on the roof of the ‘mas’ (farmhouse or house in Provence), and the village houses.