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L’ancienne n’est donc plus valide à ce jour pour des problèmes techniques. Abonnez-vous à cette page si vous le désirez afin de suivre notre fabrication et notre belle tradition populaire si chère aux marseillais.
Philippe Renoux-Carbonel
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Femme à la chaufferette N° 1

Femme à la chaufferette N° 1

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woman with a foot warmer

Well-to-do, middle-class woman. She is one of the characters known as ‘the old ones’ of the crib, symbol of commonsense and experience. In one hand she holds a copper footwarmer containing hot cinders and meant for putting one's feet upon, while in the other hand she has a red umbrella - sign of respectability in Provence. She wears a pretty, white headdress - ‘la couqueto’ - which is fastened under the chin and a big, white floral shawl with two flounces. This is called the ‘chimney-sweep’ - ‘le ramoneur’ - and is usually dark green in colour and made in a cloth which doesn't show marks.