Santons Marcel Carbonel 


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L’ancienne n’est donc plus valide à ce jour pour des problèmes techniques. Abonnez-vous à cette page si vous le désirez afin de suivre notre fabrication et notre belle tradition populaire si chère aux marseillais.
Philippe Renoux-Carbonel
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Femme Farandole N° 2

Femme Farandole N° 2

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Traditional, colorful attire for these Provençal dancers who gaily step to the sounds of the tambourins and the ‘galoubets’ (flutes that are held with one hand). You can see them dance the Farandole or the dance of the Cordelles (ribbons). Each dancer holds a ribbon that is attached to the top of a pole; the ribbon is braided as the dancers turn around the pole and when they reverse their dance, the braid comes undone.