Santons Marcel Carbonel


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Homme au vin cuit N° 2

Homme au vin cuit N° 2

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man with cooked wine

Pleasant who has made his own cooked wine (grape juice reduced over heat and put aside to ferment). This drink is traditionally served during festivities, in particular with the 13 provençal desserts at Christmas. The man carries a big, wicker-covered, glass demi-john of wine on his shoulder.
The 13 Christmas desserts represent the twelve apostles and Jesus. They comprise of: ‘la pompe’ - (provençal cake), white and black nougat, dried figs, raisins, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pears, apples, dates, prunes, oranges, mandarines, withered sorb apples (red berries of the service or rowan tree).