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L’ancienne n’est donc plus valide à ce jour pour des problèmes techniques. Abonnez-vous à cette page si vous le désirez afin de suivre notre fabrication et notre belle tradition populaire si chère aux marseillais.
Philippe Renoux-Carbonel
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Miller N°5

Miller N°5

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Tradesman who owns a mill and produces flour. An important character in Provençal tradition. In bygone days he already took part in travelling puppet shows, where, dressed all in white, he had as his counterpart the chimney sweep, dressed all in black. In the Maurel ‘Pastoral’ the miller is one of the first to hear the angels call and he quickly comes down from his mill, carrying a sack of flour on his back. The miller's role in the economic and social life of Provence is of prime importance: he it is who produces the daily bread, and village fete often take place in the shadow of the windmill's sails. The miller always wears a white cotton
cap – the badge of his trade.