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L’ancienne n’est donc plus valide à ce jour pour des problèmes techniques. Abonnez-vous à cette page si vous le désirez afin de suivre notre fabrication et notre belle tradition populaire si chère aux marseillais.
Philippe Renoux-Carbonel
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Old Shepherd N°2

Old Shepherd N°2

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Man who watches over and tends the sheep. He is the person whom the Angel of the Lord first told of the birth of the Infant Jesus. Present right from the beginnings of the santons crib, the shepherd held a leading position in bygone provençal life. The shepherds left the lowlands at the end of May, to go up to the high pastures, accompanied by their sheepdogs, which drove and watched over the flocks.
Marcel Carbonel presents them in different poses:
The Resting Shepherd is a young man. He carries a gourd and a haversack containing his meal. He holds a long staff He is dressed in coarse, woollen breeches; skin gaiters cover his shoes and he has a long, homespun cloak, or ‘limousine’ on his shoulders with a broad brimmed black felt hat on his head.
Man with a sheep. Man carrying a sheep on his shoulders.
The Old Shepherd with a white beard is leaning on a long staff. He also wears the long, homespun cloak, overpatched trousers. He has a black hat.
The Shepherdess, dressed in brown, her cloak covering her head and shoulders. She brings the Infant Jesus a lamb and holds a switch in her hand.
The Kneeling Shepherd has arrived in the stable. He wears a cloak over a sheepskin waistcoat and carries his hat in his hand. Beside him is a lamb which he is bringing to the Infant Jesus.
The Sleeping Shepherd hasn’t heard the angels call yet. He is stretched out under a little tree, fast asleep.