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Piper N°2

Piper N°2

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the chimneys weep

Tradesman who cleans chimneys. In the past he was already one of the leading characters represented in strolling puppet shows, the miller's rival, one all black and the other, all white.
He is a young man of the mountains, a native of the Gavot region (mountainous area of Provence bordering the Dauphiné).
He is always accompanied by a marmot, which he carries under his arm. This little animal is very useful to him, in fact, in helping to free the ‘hedgehog’ whenever the latter is stuck fast inside a chimney flue. The hedgehog is a kind of brush, round, made of metal, which is fastened to the end of a long rope; it is meant for scraping soot from chimney flues. The chimney sweep is carrying the hedgehog on his shoulder at the end of a rope. Smudges of soot blacken his face and hands.